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Hyperlink is a course platform and online school built for seriously effective learning.

How does it work?

Hyperlink is a platform for creating and participating in community-driven online courses. Each course is a template for a learning experience. It can be run repeatedly, in independent cohorts. Want to learn more? Check out our manual.

Join to create a course, learn something new — or both!

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Each course cohort brings together a small group of peers excited to learn together. And we're making new courses together every day.

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Cohorts serve as lightweight experiments. Hyperlink's focus on iterative development means courses always keep improving.

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simple infrastructure

Easy enrollment, payments, and community discussion space — an all-in-one learning platform, building on open source software.

All Courses

Internet Homesteading

Build yourself a home on the internet (a website) with a toolchain you understand from the ground up.

Next cohort starts Nov 3, 2020

Once Upon a Type

We're going to explore Web Typography! This is a group project based learning experience. We will be working as as a team to type set a short ✧༺:༻∞ fairy tale, myth, poem or legend∞༺:༻✧ for the web!

Anti-Perfectionism Drawing

A series of exercises to overcome the perfectionism that holds us back from drawing more. We’ll use constraints that make perfection impossible, like blind contour, rapid gesture drawing, and more.

Next cohort starts Nov 2, 2020

Rhyme Writing Roundtable

A late night lyricism lounge; a friendly rap-writing critique club; a space for poetic play. Each meeting will be half group-writing session + half feedback session.

Next cohort starts Nov 21, 2020

Deconstructing Dreams

Many people are having unusual, vivid dreams during the COVID-19 pandemic. Why? What happens when we dream? What are dreams even for? Let’s learn more about how our dreams work — and how to use them.

The Meta Course

A course for creating great courses! We learn how to create learning structures specifically for the ideas and skills most interesting to us.

Next cohort starts Nov 1, 2020

Stop Thinking in Circles

Break free of frustrating mental loops with this set of cognitive, emotional, and philosophical skills — whether to better understand your past, or handle your present and future with more confidence.

Virtual Museum Explorer Club

We'll go on tours via scavenger hunt through the virtual collections of world-class art museums.

Next cohort starts Dec 1, 2020

Data Science and Analytics Job Search Club

A club to help minoritized job seekers in data science (e.g. non-cis male, non-white, immigrants) prepare for interviews, negotiations, and work through adversity in the search for a new job.

Literature at Sea: A Brief History of Existence

Vitally important to human existence (and perhaps foundational to all matter) is the sea, of which we know relatively little. Take an imaginative deep dive into this space through literature.

Next cohort starts Nov 9, 2020

Unlocking the Commons

A practical introduction to funding models for open creative work. Bring a project — blog, podcast, software, art — and we'll explore approaches, tools and strategies to make it sustainable.

Thinkers on Education Reading Group

Two Routledge anthologies profile prominent thinkers in the history of education. We'll dig in and read some, deciding together what people to focus on, and exploring their work.

Language Construction Workshop

Create your own language from scratch for world-building, personal use, or simply as an artistic pursuit. Using tools and concepts from linguistics, you'll build a language that looks and feels real.

Next cohort starts Oct 31, 2020

The Book is a Program

A practical exploration in dual-publishing websites and printed books, using Pollen, LaTeX, and the Racket programming language.

Build Your Antilibrary

Build a great personal library (what you read) — and antilibrary (infinite potential reading). Define your reading goals and implement effective, practical, personal strategies for relating to books.

Next cohort starts Nov 11, 2020

GUIs Through Art History

Explore new styles of interface design inspired by art history movements. Each student will choose a movement in art history, explore what makes it unique, and translate its style into a GUI.

Write a Micro-Textbook

Write a complete first draft of a micro-textbook on a subject of your choice. Sharpen your own understanding and distill your expertise into something you can publish, teach, or sell.

Life in the Solar System

Where could life exist in our neighborhood? How can we study it? What might it be?

International Confectionaries

Every week we will make a different confectionery together! We will try to focus on desserts with diverse origins. Halva, Baklava, Mochi, Flan, Sfenj, Mooncakes, Jalebis, Yuuuuuuuuum~

Next cohort starts Nov 29, 2020

House of Interdisciplinary Autodidacts

Join fellow autodidacts to explore intriguing interdisciplinary questions together and to learn the secrets of leveraging the web for more professional autonomy and free-agency.

Next cohort starts Nov 1, 2020

Building Online Communities

Online communities are the foundation of how we communicate with each other online. There are several various types of online communities, and in this course, we'll learn how to build one together.

Next cohort starts Nov 21, 2020

The Artist's Critique Circle

Weekly artist's forum to learn from each other, receive feedback, and share techniques. We'll explore a series of open prompts, followed by thoughtful critique and commentary among peers.

Next cohort starts Nov 11, 2020

Breaking (and Remaking) News

A structured reading and brainstorming group about the past/future of news media, centering the book Breaking News by Alan Rusbridger.

Next cohort starts Nov 8, 2020

Book Club on How To Build A Habitable Planet

We'll be reading How To Build A Habitable Planet, exploring the geological, environmental, and historical-physical foundations our lives are based upon — and learning to view the world differently.

Next cohort starts Oct 31, 2020

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